Here you will find out just about everything about me. :-)

I have lived in Clark county all my life except for a short 6 months when I lived in Portland, Oregon near the Lloyd Center. Born and raised as they say. I was born in Vancouver, USA on New Year's Eve. I'm 60-something. I currently live about 18 miles west of Camas, where I grew up.

Camas was a quiet "mill town" at the time. Boasting the largest "specialty paper mill in the world"! Which also made it one of "the richest" small towns in the state, maybe even the country.

I was born the second of three children. I have an older and a younger sister. Prior to any children my mother and father both worked in the Crown Zellerbach paper mill in Camas, Washington.

When pregnant with my older sister mom quit her job at the mill to take the job as a mom. Dad continued to work at the mill until he retired in 1988. Mom's parents lived close by in Vancouver, so we were lucky to be able to see/visit them ALOT when we were young!

Dad, Karen, Me, Grama, Sue, Grampa, and Mom.

According to nearly all accounts, espe-cially my own mother, I was a bit of a handful. Always getting into trouble. Many times before the previous "trouble" was handled.

Redardless, we were a pretty average, normal family of 5 in the 60s and 70s! Sue and I got along real well together. Not to say we didn't fight, it just never lasted long. Karen and I, however, did NOT get along very well. I think there was just too much difference in age.

Beleive it or not, Mom and Dad survived us kids growing up and were happily married for 56 years. In fact, Dad had his leg amputated because of an infection and was not doing well. We got a call from the hospital on the 6th of June 2004 (their 56th wedding anniversary) and told it would probably only be hours before he passes. We all gathered around his bed and spent the day with him. But, he held on until the 7th. To this day it is generally beleived he would not allow his death to happen on their special day!

more about me

As a kid...

I was a pretty normal kid. Got into trouble occasionally, but never BIG trouble. By about the 3rd or 4th grade I started gaining weight. This brought me the horrible nickname of "FATBACK" instead of DANBACK. I did OK in school early on. No big issues. I could've "applied" myself more, but I made it thru with mostly As and Bs.

As an adolescent...

My downfall came in the 8th grade. That winter, under too much ice and snow, the roof of the gymnasium caved in! That's where we USED to have PE class. So, after the collapse, we had to walk down to the nearly new JDZ Middle School for PE. The middle school was directly on the path from Garfield Jr. High to the "potholes" at Lacamas Lake! Many times I would just keep walking... :-o

Another major school issue surfaced about 3 weeks before graduation! A friend and I were called into the vice principal's office and told if we didn't pass everything we would NOT be graduating. That was not an option. My parents would die of disappointment, then literally ground me for the rest of my life! I passed them all and graduated with the rest of my class.
[Sidenote: At the years end I returned my Physics text book and the teacher said, "Well, at least you turned something in on time!"]

Turning 18 and beyond...

Sue and I both did the normal stuff when we were younger - picking berries and a paper route.

My first "real" job I got thru "Snelling & Snelling employment agency". Grama let me withdraw enough money from my education fund to pay someone to find me a job. I began working at Barker Manufacturing. Makers of "fine furniture", as described on The Price Is Right TV show.

The factory was in NE Portland. I started working the swing shift which worked great as the rush-hour traffic was going the opposite direction. (This was back when there was only ONE bridge across the Columbia river and that was on I-5.) Unfortunately, Barker switched to only a day shift and the commute was horrible! I quit and started looking again for a new job.

Shortly I found myself employed by the local Thunderbird/RedLionrestaurant called The Parker House. Sister property of The Quay in Vancouver. I worked there for 7 years. I rose from Banquet Setup / Bus Boy to Assistant General Manager (night manager). I left Parker House when I found the Asst. Chef was making $50 a month than I, even though I was responsible for him and the rest of the kitchen staff! On a busy Friday night I came in to work, opened my briefcase, returned my keys and the few papers I had in it - and left.


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